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Parish Council

Parish Council members are responsible to maintain the physical plant, manage the financial operations of the parish, develop the annual budget, and to work to equip our pastor and parishioners with the tools and resources they need to further the ministry of the Church. 

Each year two council members are elected and one additional member is appointed by the parish priest to serve a three year term.  There are a total of nine members on the Parish Council.  The parish priest is also a member of the parish council.  The table below identifies our Parish Council roster for the 2010 calendar year:

Name Title
Fr. Nicholas Borzghol Pastor
Fuad Farradj President
Deena Karadsheh Farrah Vice President
Tania DeGroot Secretary
Chris Malki Treasurer
Kelly Torgreson Member
Daniel Robinson Member
Abe Kashou Member
Nick Nicola Member
Raif Rihani Member




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