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Community Group Ministries

In September of 2004, we inaugurated a new program: Community Group Ministries. Over the last several years there has been a greater and greater demand for additional opportunities for worship, fellowship and teaching. At the same time, it became more and more difficult to bring our parish community together at the Church property. In an attempt to bring this teaching and worship opportunity closer to the membership, we have instituted the CGM program.


We divided the parish into several geographic groups and assigned facilitators to lead each group. The groups meet once each month. Each session will include fellowship, daily vespers prayers, and a teaching activity focused on the topic of the month.


Our first year was dedicated to the study of The Creed.  In September of 2005, we kicked off our second year with the topic of "Understanding our Religious Practices" which focused upon the sacraments of the church.


In January of 2007, we will begin our third year of the CGM program.  The topic for this series will be “The Great Feasts of the Church” and will focus on the history and theology of our major feast days (using the festal icons as one of our teaching tools).


Please consult the parish calendar for group locations and schedules.




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