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The Ladies of St John

Over 25 years ago, when St. John the Evangelist parish began as an East-Bay mission, one of the first organizations to be formed was the Ladies Auxiliary.  Since that time, the Ladies Auxiliary, a local chapter of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Women of North America, has bee an active service ministry of the parish.

The Ladies of St John have established their mission statement as follows:

  • To bring the teachings our Orthodoxy into our daily lives
  • To help raise funds for the improvement of our parish physical plant
  • To bring the St. John community together as one family

Since establishing these goals, the Ladies of St John has taken action in the following ways:

Fund Raising Activities

  • Holiday bake sale on Christmas and Easter
  • Falafel & Ka’ak sale during lent
  • Luncheons throughout the year

Education and Fellowship

  • Book Club and Discussion Group
  • Cooking and Quilting Club
  • Bible Study and Mini-Retreats


  • Graduation Luncheon and Recognition
  • Care Packages to College Students
  • Sick and Shut In Ministry

The Ladies meet monthly, usually after Divine Liturgy.  See the parish calendar for specific meeting dates, as well as scheduled education and fellowship activities.




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